The Israelites and Us: Introduction


The Old and New Testament are all part of God’s plan – from beginning to end. The isrealites symbolize us in many ways. Without their record of their journey with God, their sin and disobedience, their triumphs and victories. we wouldn’t have an example to learn from and would repeat history. It is a writen account, historical, truthful and therfore we have no excuse for not knowing. (2 Timothy 3:16) 

Without it we wouldn’t have understood truly why we all need a savior. 

Without it we would not have learned about God‘s love from the beginning.

Without it we would not truly know his grace and mercy. 

Without it we would not have a savior.

The very name Israel means ” struggle with God” and is what the Israelites did  and that is what we do as well. As we walk with God we struggle with sin and trusting Him, but when we look to God and surrender to Him we can overcome!(Genesis 32:28, John 16:33)


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