About Me


Hi my name is LeAnne. I came to know Christ when I was eleven years old (see my testimony below). Through the years God has been my hope and my strength (see my  favorite verse below). He has helped me through many things and taught me so much. He is my everything! With everything he has given and taught me I want to use it all for Him to help others.

Favorite Verse:  Philippians 4:13 – “I Can Do ALL Things Through CHRIST Who Strengthens Me.”

I memorized this verse shortly before I came to know Christ. After I accepted Christ I made this my favorite verse, just because I liked it and it was the only verse I memorized that stuck with me. I had memorized other verses when I was younger but none stuck with me like this one. God has used this verse time and time again to encourage and help me through things as well as remind me of my need for him in everything. Consequently my favorite Bible book is Philippians – it speaks so much to me, how to live for Him, in Him, and with Him.

My Testimony:

I accepted Christ into my life when I was eleven years old. The church I attended when I was a kid had a certain time in the church service where the kids from k-5 would go downstairs to junior church. Once you were past 5th grade you could stay for the sermon. When I first started staying for the sermon the minister did several sermons on accepting Christ and being saved by asking God into your heart and for forgiveness of your sins. I didn’t understand what he was talking about, but at that time I had begun to wonder what God considered sin and if I was really going to go to heaven when I died. I wanted to know for sure. I wondered, how do I really know? Where is the proof? What made me different from other people? I also started to trust God slowly and give things over to him, but I didn’t understand the “asking God into your heart” part that the minister was talking about. I felt something pulling at me and it wouldn’t let go. I also felt that something was missing in my life. I asked God for forgiveness of my sins, but still there was something missing and God kept pulling at me to go further. So one night while I was laying in bed thinking about it, I decided to “ask God into my heart” as well as for forgiveness for my sins. I wanted to know God and follow him. I wanted to please Him and live how he wanted me to. Immediately after I asked God into my life and forgiveness of my sins I felt a flood of peace and joy run through me and purify me. I also literally felt like a burden, a weight had been lifted off of me and the darkness of my sins disappear. The place in my heart where something was missing before, was filled!! It has been many years since then and I am so glad I made that decision to believe and follow Him. I know I will go to Him when I die and long so much to see others come to know Him. (If you want to know more click here.)

My Mission Statement:

To reach many people for Christ and to help, teach, inspire, and encourage fellow Christians.


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